Monday, November 21, 2011

Cinderella's Stepsister..


hye semua!!! wah!! lamenye zati tak update ini blog.. huhuhuhu.. kesian my blog dah berhabuk.. nie ade mase ckit.. so update sat la.. hee!

so.. dikesempatan ini.. zati nak kongsi ngan you all semua about cerita korea yang baru disiarkan di TV2 baru -baru nie.. cite nie da start sejak 17/11/2001- Khamis ary tu.. zati rase maybe ade yang dah tahu pasal nie.. sape yang belum tahu.. jom tengok jom.. rugi woo!!! sape yang tak tengok.. cite dia best gilerr!!! oppss.. lupe nak cakap.. tajuk dia.. CINDERELLA'S STEPSISTER.. best tau cite nie!! so sape-sape yang tak tengok agy.. pi la tengok.. kat bawah nie zati selitkan dia punye sinopsis.. but in English jek zati dapat.. hehe.. selamat membaca.. :)

Title: Cinderella’s Stepsister / Cinderella’s Sister / Cinderella’s Like in Fate / Cinderella Unni
Episodes: 20
Director: Kim Young Jo
Scriptwriter: Kim Kyu Wan
Broadcast network: KBS2 , Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2010-Mar-31 to 2010-Jun-3

A modern day adaptation of Cinderella with a twist as our Cinderella, Goo Hyo Sun, plots revenge against her evil stepsister , Eun Jo for years of pain and suffering.

She has neither aspiration nor emotion and her smile is sarcastic. Eun Jo is a girl who has apathy toward life. Her mother, who has been living as a single mother for 18 years, finally found the right person to marry and brought Eun Jo into the stepfather’s house.
A decent house and a decent family…. Eun Jo feels that everything in this house does not fit for her. The most unbearable thing she faces is the stepsister Hyo Sun, who is the apple of her father’s eyes and beloved by everyone in the house. Hyo Sun also takes away the mind of Eun Jo’s mother, just like her bright and untainted character attracted all the other people. Eun Jo cannot tolerate this situation, since she lost the only one that she completely owned.
She sets her mind on getting even with Hyo Sun. ‘Cinderella shouldn’t be loved by her stepmother. You broke the rule! I’ll pay you back by taking away what you have and will have! But then… What should I do first?’

credit : KBS World

Character Description

Eun Joo

Dirty way of talking, just cynical smile, no movement for the heart breaking thing. No fantasy to life. From the time of birth, she skipped babyhood, childhood, girlhood, that means, from the age of ten, she already started to sigh saying ‘Life is too harsh’

The reason of no-dream, no fantasy to life is influenced by her mother’s life, which smells badly wherever she go. Her mother moved to several man while dreamed a high level lady. Eun Joo always hated that kind of life style.
Please, no more involved with other person’s life, more frankly speaking, ‘The life without mother’ If the mother does not exist, she could fly more freely.

Hong Kihoon

Successor of Hungjuga which is now on the way to conglomerate. At first, it had started from small brewery. He used to enter Daesungdoga freely as his father Hong Hansuk was very close friend to Mr. Ku Daesung. But, as Hungjuga had grown up very fast, so, automatically his visiting to Daesungdoga became rare. He received good education. He learned music and fine art not to be treated as low class family member.

He has good body and grace face. He grew up to be a nice man who is a successor of rich family. Before starting to service army, he visit Daesungdoga for courtesy. There, he find new face and start to love, Eun Joo. But, she never treat Kihoon as a high level person.

Goo Hyosun

Pretty, kind, bright girl. Only daughter of Daesungdoga. Her father, Mr. Ku Daesung, owner of Daesungdoga is like lion to his worker. But, his eyebrow move down in front of Hyosun’s tear or coquetry.

When her father end up his single life, making new mother and new sister, that means, two more person who will love her. So, she is a person who never think bad thing to another person. When even new mother and new sister start to harass her, at first time, she never think they hate her. Because as for her, other person should love her.

But, after she know her step-sister hate her, she decide to start war against step-sister to recover things which belonged to her from the first time.

Han Jungwoo

A reckless simpleton who was raised by hairy Mr. Chang, 10th immoral lover of Mrs. Song Kangsook. Mrs. Song is mother of Eun Joo.
Fat boy whose weight was almost 100Kg in his middle school age.

Nobody had cared him, so, he should care himself. He had joined wrestling team as the team gave him food. He moved to baseball team when the team gave him more food. Food was some kind of religion to little Jungwoo. The food, which even hairy Mr. Chang or Mrs. Song Kangsook never prepared for him, was served by Eun Joo.

After Eun Joo came to Mr.Chang’s home, there is a smoke of cooking. The never ending hunger was smoothed by EunJoo. He decided to love Eun Joo who cared him. So, even after Eun Joo left, he never gave up love to Eun Joo. He decided to grow up as a nice smart man for the purpose of giving royalty to Eun Joo. Then, he came back in front of Eun Joo as a wonderful man.

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